Encore PCI TV Tuner

Encore PCI TV Tuner

I used to have a jetway tuner. It served me for around 5 years.  Until a few months ago it has said its final farewell.  I have to move on and choose another TV tuner. I search a lot of store from villman, silicon valley, CD R king etc. One product caught my attention in CD-R king, it is the Encore ENLTV PCI TV Tuner.  The tuner is by far the cheapest of the TV tuners I have seen. The cost is only around 880 pesos and functionality wise it have the same features as the other products I have seen.

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Holographic data storage

The first computer I have had a  micropolis 4110 scsi 1 g hard drive. During that time my operating system is windows 3.1. I could say I have enough data space during that time.  Currently my disk space is about 700++ gigabit.  Time changes and so thus the need for more storage space.

Even disk type changes from the 5 ½ floppy to 3 ½, then cd, dvd and lately blue ray.  Currently GE is working on a halograph storage technology by a chemical approach. This system will enable an ordinary DVD to fit 200 times more data . Another advantage of the chemical approach is that surface area is not anymore a factor and more and more flexibility in media size and shape of the disk.

For now they are thinking of a way to make it more affordable so mass production could take place. 

Free Video Converter

Free Video Converter

Gadgets are now becoming more and more cheaper. From camera, cellphone, mp3 players etc. And because of this, one word that is widely search in the internet is the word “converter” whether it be a video or audio.

Because we love to store video or share it to our friends we tend to upload this to the internet or burn it into a cd. Uploading videos to different sites is sometimes a problem. There are site that requires certain format. And trying to burn a video image is yet more problematic if we want it to be compatible with our dvd player or vcd player.

If you try to search the net there are many available video converter. Some are free and some are not. Some site that offers free or shareware video converter has spam, Trojan s or viruses. Although there are a lot of site offers a converter some of it might put your computer at risk

If you want a simple video converter for personal use then I would suggest to try “any-video-converter”. Just go to their site and download the free version. It could convert divx, xvid, mov, rm, rmvb, mpeg, vob, dvd, wmv, avi to mpeg 1, dvd ntsc, dvd pal, flash for video (flv) and avi

picture from:any-video-converter.com