Encore PCI TV Tuner

Encore PCI TV Tuner

I used to have a jetway tuner. It served me for around 5 years.  Until a few months ago it has said its final farewell.  I have to move on and choose another TV tuner. I search a lot of store from villman, silicon valley, CD R king etc. One product caught my attention in CD-R king, it is the Encore ENLTV PCI TV Tuner.  The tuner is by far the cheapest of the TV tuners I have seen. The cost is only around 880 pesos and functionality wise it have the same features as the other products I have seen.

The Encore ENLTV PCI TV is a tuner and also a video recorder. It have a S-video , RCA, and antenna sockets. You could convert your old vhs,HI-8 or miniDV into digital format. Format could be MPEG 1. MPEG 2,  VCD, SVCD, DVD.  My previous jetway tuner can only record in avi format.  Although,unlike my previous tuner this one does not have FM tuner.

Installing it is easy and it also came with a free software. So far, since installing it I haven’t had a problem.

If you use yahoo messenger sometimes it replaces your default web cam software to analog tuner. Just go to “My webcam” then “File” then “preferences” then “camera source “and choose your installed camera.

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