Holographic data storage

The first computer I have had a  micropolis 4110 scsi 1 g hard drive. During that time my operating system is windows 3.1. I could say I have enough data space during that time.  Currently my disk space is about 700++ gigabit.  Time changes and so thus the need for more storage space.

Even disk type changes from the 5 ½ floppy to 3 ½, then cd, dvd and lately blue ray.  Currently GE is working on a halograph storage technology by a chemical approach. This system will enable an ordinary DVD to fit 200 times more data . Another advantage of the chemical approach is that surface area is not anymore a factor and more and more flexibility in media size and shape of the disk.

For now they are thinking of a way to make it more affordable so mass production could take place. 

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