Air Car

[youtube QmqpGZv0YT4]

Air car

Is it possible to run a car by using air alone? Well, as per the video above you still need a liter or gallon of gasoline to run a compressed air car. But compared to the current all gasoline car this is a huge savings!

Watch and learn! And for the Filipino inventors, hope you could invent one that runs in pure air. I remember in one talk show in ANC they have interviewed an inventor who is currently working on a generator that runs on pure air. So, maybe the technology could be adapted to a car.

Water Car

[youtube UVhXrvCCILw]

Water Car

Price of oil is all time high and underground reserve is also depleting already. The next alternative and cost effective is using abundant resources that is environmentally friendly.

A Filipino¬† inventor¬† named Daniel Dingel invented a car that runs on water. Although, this technology¬† existed a long time now, I haven’t seen this type of car in the market. When I was young, I have seen a anfra jeep around DOST bicutan and it says on it’s body, this is runned by water. I forgot the exact word by the message is clear that vehicle is runned by water. So, I wonder why this project is now defunct or invisible?

Above is a interview with Mr. Dingel which states why his project is still a project and not a multimillion invention that would help the Philippines.

Can I Eat From Your Bra?

[youtube 6ru8paaz_fI]

Can I Eat From Your Bra?

Yes, you can! This would be the answer probably if you are dating a Japanese girl who bought a “Chopstick bra.” Well this bra don’t only enhance their breast but also served as bowl with chopstick built in.

So, dig into her breast and bona appetite!!!