Can I Eat From Your Bra?

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Can I Eat From Your Bra?

Yes, you can! This would be the answer probably if you are dating a Japanese girl who bought a “Chopstick bra.” Well this bra don’t only enhance their breast but also served as bowl with chopstick built in.

So, dig into her breast and bona appetite!!!

Solar Powered Bra

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Solar Powered Bra

This is an ecofriendly innovation by the Japanese. This bra could power your cellphone or Ipod. But the question is, do you need to always exposed your bra to collect this solar power? So, everytime you need to charged your phone you need to take of your shirt? So, maybe they invent it to undress those pretty Japanese willingly?

What ever the reason is this innovation is cool and weird at the same time.

Paro seal robot

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Japanese a really fascinated with robots. Another proof of this fascination is the Paro seal robot.

Here is a article taken from discussing what Paro is:

Recent advances in robotics have been applied to automation in industrial manufacturing with the primary purpose of optimizing practical systems in terms of such objective measures as accuracy, speed, and cost. However, the resulting robots are mostly kept away from human beings because people can be injured during their everyday functioning.

Unlike industrial robots, “Mental Commitment Robots” are developed to interact with human beings and to make them feel emotional attachment to the robots. Rather than using objective measures, these robots trigger more subjective evaluations, evoking psychological impressions such as “cuteness” and comfort. Mental Commitment Robots are designed to provide 3 types of effects: psychological, such as relaxation and motivation, physiological, such as improvement in vital signs, and social effects such as instigating communication among inpatients and caregivers. Continue reading “Paro seal robot”