Samsung Blue Earth

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Most company now a days are jumping to the eco-friendly bandwagon,  one of them is Samsung.  In the last Mobile World Congress (MWC) they unveiled they latest phone the “Samsung Blue Earth”. This technology is so green that even the packages are made from recycled materials.  The box is around 40% lighter than the usual cellphone box thus meaning less carbon footprint when transporting it from one area to another.  The Samsung Blue earth itself is made of eco-materials like a soybean based plastic called PA11 and PCM (recycled plastic). There are also software included in the phone  that encourages the user more to use eco-friendly materials and how much they have contributed to the society by using this product.  The highlight of the product is the built-in solar panel at its back that let you recharge the phone anytime and any where as long as there is light.

How about rainy season?  Well, the product also have a green charge that you can plug in your sockets for charging.

Source: samsung

Solar Powered Bra

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Solar Powered Bra

This is an ecofriendly innovation by the Japanese. This bra could power your cellphone or Ipod. But the question is, do you need to always exposed your bra to collect this solar power? So, everytime you need to charged your phone you need to take of your shirt? So, maybe they invent it to undress those pretty Japanese willingly?

What ever the reason is this innovation is cool and weird at the same time.