Work in Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Work in Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Most Filipino dream to work abroad. And one easy ticket for them is to work as a nurse abroad. But unknown to many another in-demand work abroad is in the agricultural sector. Working in an agricultural scenario is not what most foreigners want to do and for this reason shortage in this sector continues to increase. And one way their government address this shortage is by hiring foreign worker.

Canada, Australia, and New Zealand usually hire agricultural workers from the Philippines, one reason is because our fluency in English and also our character being diligent in work. The only requirement you need is two years experience in your field and college education is not required. Best of all, most of the time the hiring company will shoulder all expenses.

So, if you plan to work abroad , why not search for works relating to agricultural industry.

Water Car

[youtube UVhXrvCCILw]

Water Car

Price of oil is all time high and underground reserve is also depleting already. The next alternative and cost effective is using abundant resources that is environmentally friendly.

A Filipino  inventor  named Daniel Dingel invented a car that runs on water. Although, this technology  existed a long time now, I haven’t seen this type of car in the market. When I was young, I have seen a anfra jeep around DOST bicutan and it says on it’s body, this is runned by water. I forgot the exact word by the message is clear that vehicle is runned by water. So, I wonder why this project is now defunct or invisible?

Above is a interview with Mr. Dingel which states why his project is still a project and not a multimillion invention that would help the Philippines.

Free range chicken

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Free range chicken

In the past years commercial free range chicken production is making an impact in the market. Sasso and kabirs are the most popular breeds that are being raised.

One reason why it is becoming popular is because of the cost to produce. Compared to commercial broilers, free range chicken doesn’t relay heavily in commercial feeds. You just need an area and let them peck anything that they can in the ground. But of course, you still need to supplement them with corn, agri by-products etc…

Another reason is that some say these breeds are more resistant to disease compared to the 45 days broiler.

Best of all, the native taste of these chickens which add aroma and taste to any chicken recipe you could imagine.

The only drawback of the this chicken is their slower growth rate compared to commercial chicken. But overall, as long as you have the market, it is a profitable business to do.

Sam’s Waffles Express – Franchise

This food cart business is selling like waffle…hehehe. Well, this is about waffle and I usually find this product in areas with high morning and evening traffic like MRT station, LRT station, jeepney terminals etc.

Sam’s Waffles Express is inspired to give the customers the best waffles in town that is freshly made everyday to achieve the desired quality the company wants to give to its patrons.

It is also designed to be affordable without compromising the flavor and the ingredients. Sam’s Waffles Express continuously makes improvements on the products, services and flavors to satisfy the discriminating taste buds of our consumers.

Sam’s Waffles Express started its business on August 20, 1996 and has a proven track record of good and fine quality for 10 years until today. It has been franchised last January of 2006.



Franchise Benefits: Use of Trade Name and – Proprietary Marks , (Name Recognition), Site/Location approval, Training, Procurement Program, Marketing Assistance, Opening Assistance, Use of Operations Manual, Research and Development , Ground floor bussiness , opportunity, Turn key business system

Terms of Franchise Agreement: 5 Years

Renewal Term: 5 Years

Estimated Total Initial Investment: Php 200,000.00

Royalty Fee: Php 3,000.00/month . Applied on the 6 month of operation

Minimum Space Requirement: 3-4 Square Meters

Products: Waffle Dog, Waffle Chicken Dog, Waffle Cheese, Waffle Banana-Langka, Waffle Ham & Cheese, Waffle Sweet Corn, Waffle Corned Beef, Waffle Mocha,Waffle Chocolate