Vaccination Guide for Newcastle disease

Vaccination Guide for Newcastle disease
Bureau of Animal Industry
Department of Agriculture

Newcastle Disease (ND) in Chickens

Newcastle disease is a highly fatal disease of chicken, pigeons, quails and other domestic bird. Affected birds may die from ND even without observable signs and symptoms of the disease. Signs of infections include periorbital swelling, respiratory signs such as gasping (difficulty in breathing), rales may also be observed. More often, greenish diarrhea is present. Mortality can reach up to 100% Other sings include depression and drooping of the wings, torticollis or twisting of the neck.

Disease Transmission

ND is transmitted through infected or contaminated feces. Bird to bird transmission is often observed. Mechanical vectors can also carry the virus such as farm personnel/ visitors, vehicle, other animals within the farm. In addition, ND is also transmitted via the eggs and intestinal contents (intestinal organs) of sick birds. Lastly, ND can be spread through aerosol from one infected farm to the other. Continue reading “Vaccination Guide for Newcastle disease”

Free range chicken

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Free range chicken

In the past years commercial free range chicken production is making an impact in the market. Sasso and kabirs are the most popular breeds that are being raised.

One reason why it is becoming popular is because of the cost to produce. Compared to commercial broilers, free range chicken doesn’t relay heavily in commercial feeds. You just need an area and let them peck anything that they can in the ground. But of course, you still need to supplement them with corn, agri by-products etc…

Another reason is that some say these breeds are more resistant to disease compared to the 45 days broiler.

Best of all, the native taste of these chickens which add aroma and taste to any chicken recipe you could imagine.

The only drawback of the this chicken is their slower growth rate compared to commercial chicken. But overall, as long as you have the market, it is a profitable business to do.