Vaccination Guide for Newcastle disease

Vaccination Guide for Newcastle disease
Bureau of Animal Industry
Department of Agriculture

Newcastle Disease (ND) in Chickens

Newcastle disease is a highly fatal disease of chicken, pigeons, quails and other domestic bird. Affected birds may die from ND even without observable signs and symptoms of the disease. Signs of infections include periorbital swelling, respiratory signs such as gasping (difficulty in breathing), rales may also be observed. More often, greenish diarrhea is present. Mortality can reach up to 100% Other sings include depression and drooping of the wings, torticollis or twisting of the neck.

Disease Transmission

ND is transmitted through infected or contaminated feces. Bird to bird transmission is often observed. Mechanical vectors can also carry the virus such as farm personnel/ visitors, vehicle, other animals within the farm. In addition, ND is also transmitted via the eggs and intestinal contents (intestinal organs) of sick birds. Lastly, ND can be spread through aerosol from one infected farm to the other.

Preparation of Vaccine

ND Vaccine
Vaccine diluent


1. Using a 1 ml syringe, aspirate 3 cc of vaccine diluent.
2. Inject the diluent into the bottle containing the vaccine, mixed thoroughly.
3. Aspirate the properly diluted vaccine.
4. Dispense the mixed vaccine into the provided plastic dropper.
5. The vaccine is ready for the use but must be kept cool when not in use. Unused portions of vaccine cannot be kept for further application and must be discarded.

Vaccine administration.

Vaccinate or immunize birds according to age, start from the chicks up until they become cocks and layers. Instill one drop of vaccine into the eye or nostril.

Vaccination Schedule

Chicks from unvaccinated hens

Frequency Age route Vaccine type
First 1-7 days 1 eye drop HB1
Second 3 weeks 1 eye drop La Sota
Third 5 weeks 1 eye drop La Sota
Every 4 months 1 eye drop La Sota

Fighting cocks from vaccinated hen

Frequency Age route Vaccine type
First 3 weeks 1 eye drop La Sota
Second 5 weeks 1 eye drop La Sota
Third 7 weeks 0.5 cc IM breast muscle oil vaccine

Every 6 months 0.5 cc IM breast muscle Oil vaccine

Oil vaccine – consult your local veterinarian regarding the type of vaccine to be used. The aforementioned schedule can also be followed for pullets and layers.

Vaccination scheme should be followed accordingly for complete protection of the flock. But this does not necessarily mean that vaccinated birds will no longer get infected. Vaccination lessens the chances of death to occur due to infection from NDV.

Adapt Biosecurity measure
– Quarantine newly acquired birds for 2 weeks
– Control rodent and wild birds
– Disinfect bird cages using cholorx or xonrox , mix 1 part bleach with 4 parts water
– Follow proper guidelines in vaccination birds.

Prevention and control measures
– Segragate sick from healthy birds.
– ND infected birds should be condemned
– Burn or bury dead birds
– Vaccinate only healthy birds
– In case of a confirmed outbreak in your area it is more advisable not to immunize the birds as they may already carry the ND virus
– Allow at least 1 month before restocking your flock.
– Consult your local veterinarian or the nearest DA office in your area.

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