Honda Jazz

Honda debuts the All-New Jazz at the 2nd Philippine International Motor Show

August 21, 2008 – Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. announces the Philippine premiere of the All-New Honda Jazz during the 2nd Philippine International Motor Show at the World Trade Center Metro Manila.

Widely acclaimed for its dynamic styling, spacious interiors, versatile utility and remarkable fuel economy, the 2nd generation Honda Jazz introduces more advanced and vibrant features to bring out added fun and excitement to one‘s driving experience. Living up to its demeanor, the All-New Jazz is aptly named as a Fun Utility Vehicle or simply, an F.U.V.!

The All-New Honda Jazz sports a unique forward-leaning cabin form styling that highlights sharper lines, wider stance and improvement in aerodynamics. Moving the front pillar as far ahead and as slim as possible, the windshield covers a wider expanse for an enhanced and liberating visibility. Fronting the Jazz is a trapezoid bumper grille, harmonized together with the hexagon grille design to give it a sporty, solid stance. To complement its over-all dynamic, sporty appeal, the new Jazz now comes in 16″ for its top-of-the-line variant and 15″ tire size for its 1.3-liter variant, translating to an inch wider than its predecessor. Continue reading “Honda Jazz”

Air Car

[youtube QmqpGZv0YT4]

Air car

Is it possible to run a car by using air alone? Well, as per the video above you still need a liter or gallon of gasoline to run a compressed air car. But compared to the current all gasoline car this is a huge savings!

Watch and learn! And for the Filipino inventors, hope you could invent one that runs in pure air. I remember in one talk show in ANC they have interviewed an inventor who is currently working on a generator that runs on pure air. So, maybe the technology could be adapted to a car.