young corn



Young, immature corn is a specialty in Asia, which is becoming known in developed countries.

This is exportable to USA and Australia, which countries import this commodity from Taiwan

and Thailand.


Young-corn is as young as four days (4) days from emerged, 2 days after the hair appears.

measures about 4-11 cm long 1- 1.8 cm in circumference, and weighs about 14 grams when

removed from the stem.


This harvested 43-57 days after planting. It can grow in any kind of soil and climate the year

round, and does not need mush pesticide.


If the place is irrigated or the region has constant rainfall, young corn can be harvested four

times a year. The stem and leaves after the crop is harvested serve well as food for animals

(fodder) for cows and carabaos.


A hectare of land can accommodate about 120,000 plants and this provides about 46 tons of



from: Greenfields January 1

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