Ginger can grow in sandy or loose soil, provided it is planted at a depth of about 30 cm. has

enough water and which does not hold water when it floods or rains.

It can grow in shady places together with tall trees or plants. It is most productive when it is

25% shaded.



1. our native ginger

a. white ginger- small, very fibrous but most pungent of all kinds.

b. yellow ginger- like the white in kind except that is orange in color, but the part

above is dark green.


2. Imugan improved native, bigger crop, with resistance to soil diseases; its

leaves have deeper lines.

– bears more crops than the original native, about 1/3 or 2/3 more


3. Jamaica “Oya” – pale and moderate in size.

– dried “Oya” is leather-colored and aromatic, used in the manufacture of soft



4. Hawaiian – bigger, stouter crops and yellowish brown flesh, sometimes

pinkish; not so pungent but liked by foreigners.


This kind yields about 20-30 tons per hectare. It is good for making into

powdered or dried ginger.


Source:tekno tulong

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