Peanut can be grown and made to bear fruit the whole year. A planter can harvest two times

or more a year if his cultivation is good and the soil is fertile. Because there is always a big

demand for peanuts, the planter is sure to earn.


Among legumes, peanut is highest in minerals and in Vitamins B content and has 26%

protein. Every gram of peanut contains 5.4 calories. It is said that a half kilo of peanut, more or

less, equals one-half kilo of milk or three eggs of moderate size. And even if it brings high

calories, it has cholesterol.




Peanut like loose, fertilize sandy soil or porous with good permeability (that is, it does not

retain water), warm climate, and an even rainfall throughout the year.




Plant peanuts in May and June if the season is rainy and between October and November if

the season is dry.


Summer is more favorable because in rainy weather, peanut leaves and branches are

abundant, but the fruits are few. If there is irrigation, peanut should be planted in February to

be able to harvest big and plentiful grains. Peanuts may be planted along with other crops, for

instance, watermelon.


Source:tekno tulong

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