Plant water melon



October is the right time for planting watermelon, (not in December when the thrips come out)

usually just after the palay harvest when the soil still retains moisture.

Watermelon likes clay-loam soil with good irrigation and drainage.


1. Plant seeds 3 in a hill, with canals in between rows to facilitate drainage. In an area of

2,000 square meters, 1000 hills can be made. If the seeds do not germinate, put seeds again

in each hill.


2. Apply fertilizers:

4 kilos complete fertilizer

2 kilos Furadan ( to prevent dumping off disease)


3. After 2 weeks, apply:

1 liter of the above mixture

1/2 small can Urea put in a pull of water

Apply 1 liter per hill


4. After another two weeks

1 liter Urea

1/2 liter Triple 14 in a pail of water From this get 1 liter and mix in a pail water and apply 1 liter of it per hill


5. After 10 days, apply the above mixture every 5 days


6. After 10 days

2 liter Urea }in a pail of water

1 liter Triple 14 water

Apply 1 liter of this in one pail of water every 5 days


7. After another 10 days:

3 liters Urea

2 liters Triple 14 in 1 pail of water

Apply 1 liter to a pail of water, 1 liter for each hill every 5 days.


For fruiting purposes,

2 liters triple 14 }in a pail of water

1 liter Urea

1 liter of this in 1 pail water every 5 days


8. In another 10 days

3 liters Triple 14 }

2 liter urea

1 pail water

Apply same as above every 5 days


9. Another 10 days, apply

4 liters Triple 14

3 liter Urea

1 pail water


10. Another 10 days:

5 liters Triple 14

4 liters Urea

1 pail water

Same way as above



The Philippine Star

Sunday March 14, 1993

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