Uses of bani



Scientific names : Pongamia pinnata, Pongamia glabra, Pongamia mitis, Caju pinnatum, Cytisus pinnatus, Dalbergia arborea, Galedupa indica, galedupa pinnata, pterocarpus favus, robinia mitis


Other names: Bagnei, balikbalik, balok, balok balok, balotbalot, balu-balu, balut balut, banit, baobao, bayog bayog, bayok bayok, butong, kadol, magit, malok balok, marobahai, marok barok, maruk baruk.


Seeds, roots and bark

Indication and directions for use

Coughs, take decoction of leaves as needed.

Gastric disorders (tympanism, dyspepsia, diarrhea) take decoction of leaves as needed.

Hemmorhoids- use finely pounded leaves as poultice or roll into an elongated mass and insert into the rectum as suppository at bedtime.

Skin diseases- roast seeds, pound, and apply over affected areas.

Skin ulcers- crush roots or leaves and apply juice over affected areas.

Active components: fixed oils , crystalline bitter principle.


Source: Philippine formulary

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