Batino as herbal medicine


Scientific name: Alstonia macrophylla G. Don, Alstonia batino Blanco.  Echites trifida Blanco

Other name:  Barakir, basikalang, basikarang, batikalag, busisi, dalakan, itang-itang, koanan, kuyau-kuyau, kuyauyau, pangalanutien, pangalisokloen, pangalunadsien, pangolaksien, sulusihigan, tangitang, tulingan.


Fresh leaves are used for preparation.


For sprain, bruises, contusions- crush leaves, mix with a little coconut oil, warm and apply on affected areas.

Active component:

Total alkaloids 0.99% – macrophylline, macralstonine, macralstodine, villastonine, monomeric indole alkaloids, dimethoxy alstophylline.


Source:  National Formulary

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