The scientific name of bawang is Allium sativum . It is also known as Ajos in bisaya and garlic in English. As a medicinal plant the bulb and the leaves are mostly used.

For arthritis and rheumatism p crush several cloves(butyl) and rub on affected areas.

For headache- crush one clove and apply to both temples as poultice.

For hypertension- eat fresh leaves and bulbs as vegetable or chew cloves alone or with food.

Insect bite- cut crosswise one clove and rub directly on affected areas.

Active components:

Bulb –allicin; volatile oil, 0.9% – allyl disulfide, allypropyl disulfide; inulin; protein; fat, 1.3% , carbohydrates, o.2% ;ash , 9.4 ; choline, 0.7%; myrosinase.

Leaves- protein, 1.2% fat 0.5%, sulfides.


Source: national formulary

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