Bayabas herbal medicine


Scientific names:

Psidium guave, P. aromaticum blanco, P. cuajavas, P. pomiferum, P. pyriferum

It also known as bagabas, bayabo, bayauas, biabas, gaiyabat, gaiyabit, getabas, guava, guayabas, kalimbahin, tayabas.

The leaves and fruit is usually the parts that is being used as medicinal.

For aromatic bath- use warm decoction of leaves.

Diarrhea- prepare decoction by boiling 3-4 dried or 5-6 fresh medium-sized leaves in a glass of water  15  minutes or until the  volume of the liquid is reduced ½ glass.

Adults: drink ½ glass of decoction every 3-4 hours

Children 2-4 years old , 2-3 teaspoons every 4 hours.

5-8 years old, 1-2 tablespoon every 4 hours

9-12 years old , 3-4 tablespoon every 4 hours.

Skin Ulcers- Apply decoction of leaves or unripe fruit as wash Or poultice on affected parts.

Toothache- chew but do not swallow fresh leaves.

Vaginal wash – use warm decoction of leaves after childbirth.



Fixed oil, 6% volatile oil, 0.365%; eugenol; tannin 8-15%


Source:national formulary

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