Bunga herbal medicine


Scientific name:

Areca catechu, Areca alba

Also known as:

Areca nut, betelnut, boa, bua, dapiau, hua, lugos, luyos, pasa, takobtob, va, vua.

The kernel is often used in herbal preparation


For tapeworm infestation – 1 glassful of 5% decoction as enema to be retained for one hour.

Tooth whitener – carbonize and powder a kernel and rub on teeth.

Active components:

Alkaloids – arecaine, 0.1% arecolane, 0.2%, arecaidine, arecolidine, guvacoline, guvacine, isoguvacine, tannin, 15%; red fat, 14%; resin, choline; catechu.


Source : national formulary

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