Dalandan herbal medicine


Scientific names:

Citrus aurantium, Citrius  aurantiun l. var. dulcis, Citrus longispina wester, Citrus sinensis  osbeck, Citrus sinensis , Citrus vulgaris risso.


Also known as:

Cajel, coolie orange, kahel, sour orange, sweet orange, talamisan, tamamisan, tamisan, valachinuk, volatino


Parts usually used in herbal preparation:

Fruit and rind


For gas pain (tympanism) take decoction of rind as tea.

Nausea and fainting – squeeze rind near nostrils for patients  to inhale



Citirc acid 0.29%; volatile oil-citral, 4%, geraniol12%, d-camphene, d-limonene, d-linalool, anthranilic acid methyl ester0.3%, linalyl acetate 6.35%; indol; stachydrine; hesperidin, fatty oil, carotene, pectin 6%; vitamin A, B, and C; enzymes; sugar.


Source: national formulary

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