Dalanghita herbal medicine


Scientific names:

Citrus nobilis Lour., Citrus aurantium L.var, bergamina F.-vill., Citrus deliciosa Ten., Citrus madurrensis lour., Citrus nobilis Lour. Var. deliciosa Swingle, Citrus nobilis Lour. Var. papillaris wester, Citrus papillaris Blanco, Citrus reticulate blanco, Citrus webberi wester.


Also known as:

Alsem, darangita, king orange, mandarin orange, naranjita, ransas, sintonis, sinturis, tangerine orange, tison.


Parts used

Fruit and rind



Nausea and fainting – squeeze rind near nostrils for patient to inhale.


Active components:

Rind- volatile oil 14-19%, limonene 92% and methyl anthranilic acid methyl ester.

Juice- Citirc acid 0.34-1.2 %, vitamins A, B, and C, hesperiden.


Source : national formulary

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