Damong Maria

Damong Maria


Scientific name:Artemisia vulgaris


Also known as:

Arbaaka, artemisa, Cintura de san jose, erbaka, Cordon de San Jose, Felon herb mugwort, Gilbas, Herbaaka, Hierba de Sta. maria, kamarya, maidenwort, maria, motherwort, santa maria, tinisas, worm wood.

Parts used as a herbal preparation:


Skin ulcers-  wash ulcers with infusion of leaves.

Tympanism (gas pain)

Adults- take decoction of leaves as tea.

Children- crush some leaves, mix with a little alcohol, or oil and apply on abdomen.

Insect repellant- burn dried plant as smudge (pausok)


Source: National formulary


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