Tomato Ketchup / Catsup Business

Tomato Ketchup / Catsup Business

According to wikipedia ketchup /catsup like sauce originated in Eastern Asia. American’s and Europeans brought the technology into their country and tried to improve on it. Currently, one of the biggest distributor of ketchup is Heinz. And if you want to follow the footstep of Heinz you could try this recipe:


Ingredients and Materials:

Tomato acc. to pulp needed

Vinegar ½ quart

Sugar 4 cups

Cinnamon (powdered) ½ teaspoon

Pepper (powdered) ½ teaspoon

Cloves (powdered) ½ teaspoon

Allspice (powdered) ½ teaspoon

(Allspice and the rest of the spices are wrapped in a small cloth bag).

Enameled kettle

Strainer (bamboo or copper wire)

Sterilized bottles with tight caps


Cut into halves (crosswise) thoroughly washed ripe fleshy red tomatoes. Cut the pulp into convenient pieces and discard the seeds by straining. Then mix the juice with the pulp. Cook in an enameled kettle, stirring constantly until the peelings separate from the pulp. Remove from the fire. Strain the mixture, preferably with copperwire or bamboo strainer. To every 4 quarts of the strained pulp, add the rest of the ingredients. Boil the resulting mixture in an enameled kettle, stirring constantly to avoid scorching until the right consistency for catsup is reached. Pour the mixture into sterilized bottles and cover tightly.

source:tekno tulong, itdi

picture from heinz

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