How to make a tomato paste

How to make a tomato paste

Tomato paste is somewhat seminar with tomato catsup they only differ in their consistency. The catsup is somewhat more fluid/liquid in nature while tomato paste is more of paste like / solid like in consistency. If you are cooking spaghetti and you need a tomato paste don’t rush to the grocery to buy one. You can make your own . Here’s how:



1. Choose matured ripe and fresh tomatoes.

2. Blanch the tomatoes for 2 minutes, then dip in cold water to remove the outer skin.

3. Slice the pulp lengthwise to remove the seeds then boil for 10-15 minutes stirring constantly.

4. Strain the mixture through a coarse strainer.

5. Place the mixture in a container and boil in slow fire for 15 minutes.

6. For every kilo of the pulp mixture, add 1 tsp. salt.

7. Cook until desired consistency is reached.

8. Transfer to sterilized bottles and boil uncovered for 45 minutes. The water level of the container must be 2/3 full so as to avoid spilling into the bottles.

9. Close the bottles tightly and boil again for 35 minute. Cool and store in a dry place.

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