Banana peel as catsup

Bit of Imagination Turns Banana Peel to Big Savings

Do you know that banana peel can be made into wine, vinegar and even banana sauce? Through the National Institute of Science and Technology, TRC shares with you three (3) procedures of banana peel recycling. With a little imagination and wise use of free time, a family can generate savings and perhaps earn a little from this garbage-recycling.


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Large Scale Tomato Production

Large Scale Tomato Production


There’s a demand for tomatoes all-year round and planting the crop is not really complicated.


Large scale tomato production could be one of the wisest decisions an agriprenuer could make. Planting tomatoes is not complicated and a sure market awaits this product, considering the year-round demand and its many uses. This vegetable is used in preparing salads, pickles, catsup, candies, sauce, juice, soups, fruit preserves, paste, vinegar and wine. It is served raw, baked, stewed or fried and can even be used as dog food. Its skin and seeds serve as animal feed, tomato flakes and medicine.

            You can choose from among the following varieties: Canbal, Ambal or Mati-kina, Pearl Harbor, Pritch and Rutgers, Homestead, Earlieana, Ace or Marglobe and Improved Harbor, a variety developed by the Bureau of Plant Industry (BPI) to withstand the rainy season.

            Tomatoes can grow on different soil types, from silt to clay loam or sandy loam. It needs warm weather and ample amount of sunshine to produce profitable yields.


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How to make Squash Catsup/ ketsup

How to make Squash Catsup

We all have heard of banana catsup which is very popular in the Philippines. Well, have you heard of squash catsup? This only show how health conscious we are. We are trying to incorporate vegetable in our diet in every possible ways we can. We all know catsup is usually used with meat products. And by using a vegetable as a base of catsup we can then intake vegetables with our favorite meat dishes. Here’s how they do this trick:



4 cups squash, pureed

1 c red sweet pepper, chopped

1/3 c onions, chopped

1 tbsp. garlic, chopped

2½ c vinegar

3 c sugar

3 tbsp. salt

2 tsp. cornstarch dissolved in 2 tbsp. water and boiled

2 tsp. grand black pepper ½ strawberry red coloring dissolved in 1/4 c water, 12 drops allspice solution

12 drops cinnamon solution

4 drops paprika solution

2 drops hot pepper extract Utensils:

household cups funnel

teaspoon ladle


knife steamer strainer or cheesecloth

aluminum tray or any wide container

wide-mouthed deep cooking pot

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Tomato Ketchup / Catsup Business

Tomato Ketchup / Catsup Business

According to wikipedia ketchup /catsup like sauce originated in Eastern Asia. American’s and Europeans brought the technology into their country and tried to improve on it. Currently, one of the biggest distributor of ketchup is Heinz. And if you want to follow the footstep of Heinz you could try this recipe:


Ingredients and Materials:

Tomato acc. to pulp needed

Vinegar ½ quart

Sugar 4 cups Continue reading “Tomato Ketchup / Catsup Business”