The pain of having a braces

My teeth have a lot of problems, i have a lot of crooked teeth “sungki”, missing molars, and spaces. To correct this problem i have consulted a dentist and the verdict is to wear braces to correct the problem.

The principle of teeth braces is by slowly and minimally aligning , pulling or twisting your tooth or teeth by using rubber , spring etc half a millimeter per month to prevent trauma to the teeth. I taught it is just as simple as that. I never imagined that included with it is the pain and torture you will experience every time you will have your rubber or spring replaced. It is like your teeth is being pulled. You can’t even eat solid food because every time you try it is as if you are biting yourself 5x  or putting alcohol nonstop to your wounds.

If you think i am exaggerating then try to have a brace…. sabi nga nila “sobrang tiis ganda ito…


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