The boring Mayweather –Pacman fight

It is clear that Mayweather won the fight although the fight of the century is not as good as it has been advertised. As many analyst expected, Floyd Mayweather continued his tradition of hit and run style of boxing, other people may call it as defensive style but this style is the reason why boxing fans shifted to Mixed martial arts. We want brute, lightning fast exchanges of punches, not the hug and run coward like style…

Gone are the days that boxers are slugging it out, and offence is considered as the best defence and the winner will be declared when an opponent is down and motionless. What Mayweather did in the fight is genius and very legal but as a person who have seen on television the fights of Marvin Hagler, Sugar Ray Leonard, Roberto Duran , Mike Tyson, George Foreman, Holyfield, Lewis, Jones and other greats, he cannot claim to be the “Greatest” undefeated , yes.. you can give to him but more than that is overrated.

Floyd Mayweather Jr is an undefeated boxer but not a great fighter…

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