Koko Narak’s Pignoy Comment on Facebook

The Thai national Prasertsri Kosin  or Koko Narak is currently under the custody of Bureau of Immigration and he asked for voluntary deportation due to threats to his life because of the racist comment he made on  social media about Filipinos.

On his social media he tags pinoys as “stupid creatures” , “low class slum slaves”, “useless race in this world”, “pignoys” etc. He even insinuated that the Philippines is a dangerous country that every bank and malls need to inspection one’s belongings and pinoys are afraid of one another. He also said  that he wouldn’t want to touch a pinoy’s body for it may infect his superior body…

He have given an apology for the racial slur that he have uttered but i do believe damage has been done. I do believe that the Bureau of Immigration has tagged him as a Undesirable Alien and once he is deported he can never go back to the  Philippines.

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