How to earn online?

A few years back i have the idea that the only way to earn online is by Adsense or affiliate marketing which translate to blogging , webhosting etc. As the internet makes our world smaller and smaller opportunists to earn through online  becomes bigger and bigger. Here are some common ways to earn online.

1. Online selling.  You can sell goods online and payment can be done by paypal, bank, remittance etc.  It doesn’t really mean buy and sell per see, you can create or make your goods and sell it online. If you can paint,  sculpt, bake etc then online selling is the fastest and cheapest way on selling your product.  A physical store not necessary and by selling online your overhead will become lesser. Continue reading “How to earn online?”

Rudy Fernandez Patay Na!

[youtube TNkKG2711gg]

Ang actor na si Rudy Fernandez ay sumakabilang buhay na kaninang 6:15 am sa kanyang bahay sa whiteplains, quezon city pagkatapos ng ilang taong pakikipaglaban sa cancer.

Ilan beses din syang nagpagamot sa USA at Japan at nitong huli pinayuhan sila ng doctor na sa Pilipinas na lang magpagamot.

Halos isang buwan din silang nanatili sa Cardinal Santos bago nagpasyang sa bahay nalang ituloy ang gamutan. At ngayon June 7, 2008 at 6:15 am si Daboy ay pumanaw.

Credits to kawaiiasianxoxo for the youtube video.

New tribe discovered in Brazil

[youtube abHeD7Az6w]

We are at the era where man have started to send unmanned missioned to other planets to look for other form of lifeforms, who would then expect that in our own backyard there still tribes that are unknown to man….

The picture was taken in Brazil and allegedly it is a new tribe. You could read the rest of the story below.

Agence France-Presse
First Posted 23:39:00 05/30/2008

SAO PAULO — Dramatic images of an isolated Brazilian tribe believed never to have had contact with the outside world were published by officials Friday to draw attention to threats posed to their way of life.

The pictures, released by the Brazilian government’s National Indian Foundation (FUNAI), showed alarmed natives pointing bows and arrows at the aircraft carrying photographers. Continue reading “New tribe discovered in Brazil”