How to earn online?

A few years back i have the idea that the only way to earn online is by Adsense or affiliate marketing which translate to blogging , webhosting etc. As the internet makes our world smaller and smaller opportunists to earn through online  becomes bigger and bigger. Here are some common ways to earn online.

1. Online selling.  You can sell goods online and payment can be done by paypal, bank, remittance etc.  It doesn’t really mean buy and sell per see, you can create or make your goods and sell it online. If you can paint,  sculpt, bake etc then online selling is the fastest and cheapest way on selling your product.  A physical store not necessary and by selling online your overhead will become lesser.

2. Virtual assistant. You can do a secretarial job or clerical job online while your boss is living a mile away or even a continent away. You manage your boss email account, schedule, meetings, calls etc.

3. Online teacher- Due to globalization a lot of people wants to learn english. A lot of Philippine company are hiring online english teacher, and being a english major is not a  requirement, as long as you are good in  english writing, speaking and conversation you can land a job as an online english tutor.

4. Transcription – Either medical, legal, business or simple audio transcriber. If you are a good listener , researcher and good at grammar you could try this kind of jobs.

5.Video blog – create a video and post it online specifically on youtube. You just need to create a topic, a identity for your video channels  and try to share it to your friends in facebook, instagram , twitter etc. If you have  a lot views or follower then you can apply for monetization .

These are just a few ways to earn online definitely there’s a lot more but  considering the Filipino’s talent this is the most common ways you can earn online.


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