Micropropagation: Propagating Coconut through Tissue Culture

The era of trade liberalization opens an opportunity for the Philippine coconut industry to become a dominant player in the world market, as the country ranks as the third largest producer of coconut products such as coconut oil and desiccated coconut. However, low production output and the high incidence of pests and diseases impede on the industry’s ability to assume this role.

In a bid to arrest these problems, or at least lessen its impact, a study on the “micropropagation of coconut from epicotyl tissues” was conducted in the Philippine Coconut Authority – Albay Research Center.
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Accelerating coconut replanting program through biotech

Advances in crop biotechnology have led to novel applications of FND-based marker technologies in identifying superior planting materials and preserving genetic diversity. For instance, molecular marker technologies can be used to study percentage and population structures, determine effective population size, identify population-specific makers, test hybridity and accurately assess genotypes of individuals or genetic purity/variability of different populations.

The Bureau of Agricultural Research (BAR) recognizes the potentials of biotechnology. It recently awarded a research grant to the Institute of Plant Breeding (IPB) in UP Los Banos entitled “marker-Assisted Identification and Utilization of Outstanding Tall Populations and Hybrids for Accelerated Coconut Replanting,” a project that utilizes and explores the possibilities of this new paradigm in agriculture.
The replanting scheme

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Coconut Sugar good for diabetes

Coco Sugar Good for Diabetics


Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA) Administrator Oscar G. Garin bared in a press conference that the result of tests conducted on the glycemic index of sugar obtained from the sap of the coconut revealed glycemic index of 35. Continue reading “Coconut Sugar good for diabetes”

Coco wallboard

Coco wallboard


The coconut is called the tree of life because of its usefulness .  Almost all part of the coconut tree can be utilized for different purpose. The trunk could be used as a cocolumber, leaves as walis tingting, fruit as food etc. The coconut husk could be use as panggatong, coconet and etc. Continue reading “Coco wallboard”