Coconut Sugar good for diabetes

Coco Sugar Good for Diabetics


Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA) Administrator Oscar G. Garin bared in a press conference that the result of tests conducted on the glycemic index of sugar obtained from the sap of the coconut revealed glycemic index of 35.

Dr. Trinidad P. Trinidad, Scientist II of the Food and Nutrition Research Institute- Department of Science and Technology and her research team in the same press conference said that Glycemic Index or G I is good for proper control and management of diabetes mellitus and has been shown to lower your total Idl cholesterol. It is also good for weight maintenance and therefore prevents overweight and obesity.

Administrator Garin explained that coconut sugar is obtained by evaporating sweet toddy through careful boiling in open vessel then allowed cooling and solidifying. He added that inflorescence, the source of the sap, is one versatile part of the coconut also known as the “Tree of Life” which provides a variety of products depending on the preparation. If distilled, it becomes lambanog, if fermented it becomes vinegar and if cooked it becomes sugar.

Administrator Garin is optimistic that this new discovery will make a difference in the lives of millions of our coconut farmers and as well as on the health of those afflicted with diabetes.





Marid Agribusiness Digesst

Vol. 17 No.11* April 2007*


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