Red Ray vs Blu Ray

Red Ray vs Blu Ray

After Blu ray has won it battle against the HD player, it seems that a new kid on the block is challenging it.

Although, Red ray player is not yet available ( it will be available in 2009) hype about the said format is now increasing. It is said that the format and player could give a 4k, 2k resolution almost double of that blu ray format.

So far there still no movie company that is releasing their movie in red ray format but the makers of red ray are trying to get the backing of Chinese industry to support the format in hopes that this will reverse or give a good fight against the blu ray.

So, let’s wait and see if red ray will be successful in the future.

HD-DVD is Dead

The long battle has ended. Blu ray wins the format wars. After Warner Warner Brothers announces that it will stop supporting HD-DVD and will only release in Blu-ray, the down fall of HD-DVD was eminent. Netflix has also supported blu ray by phasing out support to HD-DVD. Best Buy recommends Blu ray disc in it’s store. And the final nail in the coffin is the announcement of Wal-Mart to only support Blu-ray by June 2008.

So, what’s into it for the Philippines? Don’t be surprise if you find muc cheaper HD-DVD player in the market and cheap HD-DVD disc. Don’t bother to buy them it is not worth it anymore.

picture from: by toshiba