Sugar and Vinegar from “Pakol”

Sugar and Vinegar from “Pakol”

By: Francis Fabi

Pakol (Musa errans), a wild variety of banana yields vinegar and sugar through the following processes:

For vinegar:

Slice each  of the peeled fruits into two, lengthwise.  Put them into a cellophane bag with ah ole at the bottom. With  the hole over a glass jar that will gather the dripping juice, tie teh top part of the bag. Let stand for two weeks. Do not crush the fruit to squeeze out the juice, let the juice drip naturally.

For sugar:

Place the peeled fruits in a basin and squeeze fruits to extract the juice. Heat the strained mixture in a kettle and keep on stirring until a desired consistency is reached. Let it cool then put the syrup in a clean glass jar.

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