Brick fuel from Manure

Brick fuel  from Manure

In an economy on which fuel like gasoline and LPG is on a constant rise alternatives should be considered.

Most countries are now into alternative energy like  solar power, wind mill, hydropower and biogas.

In our country we could use manure of cattle and carabao as a source of energy.

What do you need for this investigatory project?

  1. Fresh carabao or cattle manure
  2. Rice hull
  3. Saw dust
  4. Molder

Get 300 grams of fresh cow or carabao manure then mix it thoroughly with 300 grams of saw dust  and 300 grams of rice hull. Be sure that you have an even mix. The cattle or carabao manure will serve as the binder, uneven mixing will make your brick unstable/crumble. After mixing you need to put it in a molder. A molder could be a simple square box,  kawayan (cut into half) or halves (cut into half). Put the mix in the molder and sun dry it for 3-5 days. After sun drying you could use it now as “Panggatong” or alternative for  uling or gasul.

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