Mr. Back Korean Drama

Mr Back is the story of Choi Go Bong, a hotel mongul and Eun Ha Soo a part timer, daughter of a dress maker. Choi Go Bong is a very cold man in his 70’s while Eun Ha Soo is less than half of his age. They first met while Choi Go bong is visiting one of his project and unluckily it rained that day and he fell. Eun Ha Soo saw him and lend a hand but Choi Go Bong as grumpy as he could be keep pushing and refusing her help.

This was the beginning of their destiny and the love triangle that evolve between Choi Go Bong, Eun Ha Soo and Choi Dae Han (Choi Go Bong’s son).

Who will end up with who…

These Korean Drama could be classified as Fantasy love-Comedy story….

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