Immortal Lee Soon Shin Kdrama

Immortal Lee Soon Shin is Korean epic drama base on the story of Admiral Lee Soon Shin or Yi Sun-sin. Lee Soon Shin rose to fame during the Imjin war, the Japanese invaded Korean for the sole purpose that they will use the Korean peninsula as their focal point in their ambition in  subduing the Ming Empire or China in modern times.

In the series they portrayed how Lee Soon Shin projected his undying disciple to his men and iron first rule in following military¬† protocol. In that 7 year’s war for 23 sea battles not once did Lee Soon Shin been defeated. It was attributed to his military tactics and faith on the overwhelming patriotism of his crew.

If you have sometime to spare and if you love epic korean drama for my opinion this one is a must see…

By the way the drama is around 104 episodes.

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