mang kano and danica torres scandal

Mang Kano and Danica Torres   scandal?

Hits from the internet for Mang Kano and Danica Torresscandal is racking up. It started with a post in facebook asking for “likes” in exchange they will give the link to Danica Torres scandal video. As a teaser they posted a picture of miss Danica Torres and his boyfriend  (mang Kano – well he is a foreigner and netizen named him as such) in a provocative / sort of bed scene….

Danica torres posted in her facebook account, “Guys sa mga nagppost po ng link about “sex video” , wag napo kayong mag effort dahil walang video.. Yung photo na kasama ko yung bf ko, hindi po ako nakahubad dun, naka tube po ako dun. Defensive? Opo defensive ako kasi reputation ko na po ang nasisira. So sa mga nagppost ng bastos, I won’t think twice to ban you. Have a nice day!!

So, maybe there is no such thing as Danica torres sex scandal and some group just want to earn “likes” in the expense of others….

Anyway if you are wandering who is Danica Torres ,  well just google her name and be surprised how beautiful and sexy this lady is… some call here as the pambansang balakang, other call here as miss coca cola body.

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