Ryzaa vs Gelsa Buhok

Ryzaa vs Gelsa


Netizen is again up in arms against this girl named Gelsa a “Look up Winner” in Ryza Mae Show.

Gelsa feeling pa-bibo lambasted Ryzaa Mae Dizon on her own show.

When Ryzaa asked Gelsa if she has a boyfriend Gelsa  aka Gelsa Buhok replied “meron bakit aagawin mo ?” “Batang –bata mo pa, landing bata ito. Landing bata ka.”

Ryza replied “ Ate wag ha, dahan dahan” a way reminding “Gelsa Buhok” to be wholesome in her words…

In the end , Ryzaa got her revenge in a simple way… when Gelsa Buhok  was asked by Ryzaa to pick her prize Gelsa Buhok replied “ ayaw ko yan gusto ko ikaw nalang” which Ryzaa replied “ayaw nyo po ban g premyo pwede ko ipamigay sa iba” then Ryzaa shouted at the audience “sino gusto ng premyo”. Although Gelsa Buhok is appealing “ No joke lang joke lang” . Ryzaa gave it to the audience…

Wapak!!! Ryzaa even added “pasalamat kayo kay Ate Gelsa kasi ayaw po nya yan”

 you can watch the video here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=97SG_ZiC6P4

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