The Love Story of Kang Chi

The Love Story of Kang Chi

The story started with the love story of Gu Wol ryung (a Gumiho) and Seo Hwa.

Seo Hwa family was framed by Jo Gwan-woong as traitor and as punishment Seo Hwa was sent in the Gisaeng house to work as a Gisaeng. Knowing his first customer would be Jo Gwan-woong escaped from the Gisaeng house and found in the woods by Gu Wol Ryung.  They fall in love with one another but upon knowing that Gu Wol Ryung is a gumiho she betrayed him that lead to the demise of Gu Wol Ryung.  Later, Seo Hwa discovered that she is pregnant with Gu Wol Ryung child.  Seo Hwa gave birth to Kang Chi a half human,half gumiho, and left the child to Sojung (Gu wol ryung’s human friend).  Seo Hwa planned her revenge against Jo Gwan woong but she failed and died.

Sojung schemed a plan that will lead Kang Chi to its foster parents. From here on the story of Kang Chi begins…


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love story of Kang Chi

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