Major Season 4 Episode 14

Major Season 4 Episode 14Shigeno Goro is a person whose life revolves around baseball. It runs through his genes. His father is a great batter and his adoptive father is also a good pitcher. He strive hard to do his best in baseball that he is willing to sacrifice his own health for it. During his little league days he pushed his self to the limit that caused his right shoulder to be broken. And upon entering middle school due to his injury he trained his left arm to be his pitching arm. He joined Kaido school which is the best in baseball to test his limit and afterwards go to a unknown school to create his own baseball team that will challenged the Kaido team. He injured his self again, this time his foot. Although his team tried to defeat Kaido in the end it is to much for Shigeno Goro. After this point, Shigeno Goro aimed for the pro league not in Japan but in the USA.This is the start of Major Season 4

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