Kung fu movies

During my younger years before Superman,  Spider man, Batman, Hulk, Iron man etc. my idols are the shaolin and kung fu masters. I really love watching kung fu movies on Channel 13. Newer generation might not believe it but during my time Channel 13 is one of the top channels in the Philippines.

The greatest joy on watching Kung fu movies is mimicking their moves.The tiger claw,snake, swan, praying mantis,iron palm,  name it and i used to mimic it. My personal favorite is the drunken fist and just recently i discovered that the actor in drunken master is Jacky Chan…Stupid me for not realizing early…

Good things  always comes to an end, kung fu movies was replaced by pinoy movies, basketball, drama , anime etc… So, it was a delight for me that on Cable tv there is a channel dedicated to such genre… Celestial Classic Movies Channel… the goldmine for kung fu movies.

If you want Kung Fu movies then it is the right channel for you

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