Goldpeak tools review

I usually buy my gadgets and tools online and ever since Olx remove their feedback system (a very stupid move) i have difficulty determining who are legit sellers.  This problem becomes very evident when i needed to buy a  certain tool. I tried texting a certain  seller for two days and to no avail,the seller is not responding to text. Then i came across a seller named “goldpeak tools PH” on Olx , texted him/her for two days but there was no reply to my text. Luckily, on its olx page they posted the  url of their website, there i found his/her landline number. I called them and told them that i am trying to communicate through their cell number . I asked them if they can text me the total cost that i should pay if i want the product delivered to my house and to whom i should address the payment if i opted LBC mode of payment. After maybe an hour or two i received an instruction on how much i should pay and to whom i should address it.

After office hour i paid the said amount and send through text the tracking number.  I did not receive any confirmation on their part even though 24 hours have already lapsed. I  decided then to private message them on their facebook account.  They contacted me and after another day i’ve received my new tools…

In summary:

Goldpeak tools PH is a legitimate seller and definitely i would buy again from them.

base on experience don’t text them, either call them or PM them if you want faster transaction.


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