Kenzo and Bailey’s bromance

ABS CBN shutdown its PBB 737 livestreaming to “Protect” the contestant from malicous netizens that maligns the reputation of the housemates.

It all started with the closeness of Kenzo and Bailey, even in live broadcast of ABS CBN of the PBB 737 you could see them holdings hands and a bit close to one another. The situation becomes aggravated when in a particular livestream Kenzo asked Bailey to have its brief as a souvenir (ment as a joke ) on which Bailey replied , yes you can… i give you the stained ones….

This prompted some netizens to give meaning to the bromance of Kenzo and Bailey insinuating that one of them is gay. There are even picture circulating the net that say they are caught in the video kissing one another etc…

There are mixed reaction about this story. Some believes that this bromance/gay relationship issue is just a ploy of ABS CBN to gain some viewers. Others says that only blind people would believe the bromance of Kenzo and Bailey, it is more than bromance level, no two straight guys will hold hands like they do…Some thinks that shutting down the whole show is the right action rather than shutting down the livestream. The show is garbage and their is no redeeming values on it. One particular comment i read said that the show is promoting child abuse and child labor, by being in the show 24 hrs they are violating the rights of the contestants.

Regardless whether bromance or it is a gay relationship , i do believe that ABS CBN is at fault and the show should be cancelled.

Please cancel PBB 737 it is a bad influence for the youth, i amĀ  not against gay, lesbian etc. this not about the LGBT community, it is about exploiting the youth for viewers rating.

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