Ginebra, Ginebra, Ginebra !!!

I am a ginebra fan since the time of Jaworski, Ampalayo, Cuenco, Loyzaga brothers, Distrito, Mamaril, etc…then came the second batch of the never say die Ginebra new breeds lead by Aquino, David, Locsin, Hizon, Jarencio, lago etc.. then came the batch of the fast and the furious Caguio, Helterbrand  , Menk, Santos,  Hatfield, tubid etc. and now the current team composed of Slaughter, Tenorio, Aguilar, Baracael ,Ellis etc..

During the 80’s Ginebra under playing coach Jaworski  won a championship and also during 90’s when it was lead by Aquino they also won a championship. After post Jaworski era of Ginebra it was then Caguio and Menk who carry the never say die tradition and won a championship in  2000 or 00 era.

What i am pointing out is every decade for sure once or twice Ginebra will win a championship and this decade i hope the group of Slaughter and company would win a championship for the Ginebra faithful…

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