Coke zero, Bad for your health?


Coke zero, Bad for your health?

There is a new commercial in tv about coke zero, it state that, it taste like coke but with zero sugar. Well, personally I would say the taste is very different. I drink 1-2 liters of coke per day and I trust my taste bud. It is not the same! The taste is comparable to Pepsi max but a little milder. In terms in the biting sensation on the tongue coke zero and coke is almost the same. But the similarity ends there.

It has been a long debate that using artificial sweetener like aspartame is dangerous to our health. There are even e-mails about it circulating the net. If you will look at the ingredients of coke zero one of its component is aspartame. And according to some article in the net too much aspartame could cost damage to the brain, sclerosis, lymphoma

As per FDA, aspartame is very safe to us and yes it is true that in high doses it is dangerous but it’s level in beverages is so minimal. Some said aspartame ingestion result in production of formaldehyde and methanol. The FDA agree with it but they say that aspartame in beverages is modest in amount and according to them you could found more methanol on food products such as citrus juices and tomatoes.

So, if you are diabetic and looking for alternative drink. Then I would say, “hello” why drink beverages? Drink other healthier options. If you drink a lot of soda and afraid to have diabetes then don’t drink soda!

I just want to point out that aspartame as per FDA is safe to us. And if you like the taste of coke zero then go for it.

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