The best web hosting site – Best web host provider

The best web hosting site – Best web host provider

There are numerous sites that will give you a review about different web hosting providers. They even have a comment section. So, before deciding to buy a hosting package better read some reviews. Personally, If you will ask me what is the best web host provider I would say it depends on what you need.

The first hosting provider that I tried is hostingph. Well, for the whole duration of 1 year I have never experience any problem at all. No downtime, as per my knowledge. My page loads fast and they have the basics, like cpanel, fantastico, etc. I would say it is a very dependable provider. So, why did I change after a year? Well, because of the web space and bandwith transfer. At my package I only have 500 mb of web space( this is the allotted size of your website) and around 10 Gb of bandwidth per month. And also only one domain is permitted and 5 subdomains. So, if my site will grow my current package is not suitable. Although, I love the service of hostingph in the end I change to a server on which will provide me multiple domain hosting, higher bandwidth and domain size and best of all it should be cost efficient. If you will just start a simple site and you are not expecting heavy traffic then hostingph would be a good site.

My next hosting is servage. What made me decide to go to servage is the webspace and bandwidth. They offer around 360 GB of space and around 3,600 GB of bandwidth. This is far, far, far, bigger from the first provider that I have. They also allow multiple domains and subdomains. And their response time to quarries are within 4-6 hours most of the time.

My first two weeks in servage is a hell. I am having problem with my site. They don’t have cpanel so I am still familiarizing myself into their system. Although, I can’t blame servage for all of this. Some of the problems are a bit technical and because I don’t have any formal training in computer (I am a veterinarian) partly it is my fault. After that two weeks I still have minor problems but not that problematic and since November the service is improving. From 360 Gb they are now 500 GB. From 3,600 gb they are now 5,000 GB. And database errors are not that as frequent as before.

If your site demands heavy mysql then servage may not be a perfect fit for your hosting needs. But if you will just build a static page and you need multiple domains then servage is a good choice.

So, my conclusion, if you are living in the Philippines and you will just build a site with minimal traffic I would recommend hostingph. Another good thing about hostingph is that you could pay in peso. If you need a more heavy duty site, multiple domains, minimal database, huge web space and bandwidth you could go with servage.

I just want to add that servage only have 7 days money back guarantee.

If you think that servage is right for you and you want to earn extra web space (25gb). Please include my coupon number “CUST42390”. By doing so, i will also earn extra space. Thank you.

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  1. hi there. Do you know if hostingph has a telephone number or a cellphone number we can call up? I’ve encountered problems with my site. THANKS! reply to my email nalang.

  2. please send me more information i want to register a new webhosting for chat room and also can request song online please advice

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