Credit card and privacy.

Credit card and privacy.

Is there no privacy now a day? Aren’t you surprised that there is a credit card in your mail even if you didn’t apply for it? And you just need to call them to activate it. Or the worst-case scenario is that a collecting agent is asking you to pay for a certain card which to your knowledge you did not apply for and somebody is actively using it.

Due to stiff competition telemarketers are now doing their best to attract customers. But the question is where do they get your number and address. Well, one suspect would be the HR department of your company, employees of other credit card company who have access to records and the list go on.

Hope so there would be stricter law against this selling of private information. Yes, they earn from selling your information to credit card companies.I do think that in the near future identity theft will start to flourish if this continues.


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