Scientific names: Premna odorata blanco, premna curranii , Premna serratifolia, Premna oblongata, premna pubescens, premna vestita.


Common names: abgau, adgau, adiyo, agbau, agdau, anobran, argau, atingi, duragau, guachal, lassi, lagau, pumuhat tangli, tibangngen.




For cough, drink decoction of leaves as tea.


Kabag/ gas pain / tympanism – for an adult person drink the decoction of the leaves. For children, crush leaves, mix with little coconut or cooking oil and apply to abdomen.


Headache, crush leaves and apply to forehead and temples.


Eczema- use decoction as cleanser or bathe.


 Active component: volatile oil


Source: Philippine national formulary

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