akapulko – herbal medicine


Is a herbal medicine used for  ringworm , eczema and other skin diseases. It has some astringent property. The scientific name is Cassia alata . Other names of this plant includes: Adadisi, ancharasi, andadasi, andadadasi-a-dadakkel, andadasi-ng-bubugtong, andalam, andalan, bayabasin, bayabas-bayabasan, bikas-bikas, buni-buni, kapurko, kasitas, katanda, katandang aso, lengua, pakagonkon, pakayomkom kastila, palad, palochina, plutchina, ringworm bush, ringworm shrub, Acapulco.

It is a shrub that grows up to 3 meters in height, the characteristic of the shrub is coarse , erect, and branched with leafs which is pinnate and 5 to 15 cm long broad and rounded on top having a small point at the tip. Flowers are clustered , yellow colored and could be found on either at the end of the stem or axil of the leaves. 

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